How to Fix a wobbly trackpad Blackberry

Hi friends this time there are little tips to make the trackpad Blackberry on shaky. Noise due to the trackpad too ..
Follow the steps below correctly:

1 • Turn off Blackberry wait 5 minutes, to ensure there are no electric flow in the blackberr

2 • Open the rear casing - remove battery - remove sim card - there is visible behind the battery there is a small black nut, open with a screwdriver T5,

3 • Once open scroll to the right of the swag, then lift it slowly

4 • Once open take the insulation, cut into 4 terms, then put glue on the box that is white or black rubber underneath the metal plate ..
put glue on the white area ..

5 • After the glue insulation was cut again on the same form again put glue in the same area, cut back to 3 layers of insulation ..

6 • after it has been stuck in the white area (underneath the trackpad) to take. Glue doubletip square cut also continued to give glue on the same black rubber on iron plates.

7 • The glue double layer of white tip it again, right there in the open as well. continue to plug it back .. And see the results ... will not
be shaking again ... Good luck :D


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