How to Repair Blackberry Error “Reload Software 552″

Reload Software Error 552

Two days confused yesterday because of my wife's blackberry suddenly freezing,  while in turn, appeared hour glass, and finally out the words "Reload Software 552". already done several ways, including downloading the latest software BlackBerry Desktop Software, Download BlackBerry Device software specifically for this type (BlackBerry 8520/Gemini), to try to install the Hybrid, all of it failed.

After that attempt to use the old way 'old-school', using 'command line';) and finally succeeded. very easy and very simple (what it's the diference?) lol. But with all the risks to be borne, blackberry software conditions will return as the first time the factory. Data - the data will be lost.

How to fix BlackBerry Reload Software Error552 is as follows:

Download the latest BlackBerry Desktop Software.

Download firmware / software / OS that fits with our blackberry

When it can all, install everything.

4. Once completed, just click start -> all programs -> accessories -> command prompt (or click start -> run -> type cmd, then enter)

Invoke the command line with this picture:

Wait a few moments to appear application loader, follow the steps there. Process for about 10 minutes, and blackberry will be back to normal. May be useful;)

source : Blackberry News


Anonymous said...

how do you fix it

je dO said...

kinda hard... why is my luck like this ? what did i do to earn this..

Anonymous said...

its hard for me i can't seem to get it right

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