How to Upgrade OS Blackberry

How to Upgrade OS Blackberry - blackberry as one of the most popular mobile phone in Indonesia certainly has its own fans.  Although in Europe a lot of people have started switching to other smartphones but in Indonesia increasingly demand it. Well for those users who want to upgrade blackberry  OS to the latest version here are tips & tricks you can follow.

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The first equipment to prepare in advance:
  • First prepare the first Blackberry would be upgraded.
  • to upgrade should use a laptop or PC using UPS so that no electrical interference when upgrading
  • USB cable built from blackberry
  • Long upgrade process depends on the speed of your Internet connection

NB :

For how to find your own version of the BlackBerry OS, go to Options >> About on your BlackBerry. 

How to Upgrade Blackberry OS

To perform the upgrade follow the steps as follows:

  1. install the blackberry desktop manager to your PC or laptop from the CD or from the website blackberry Blackberry in
  2. Download the latest BlackBerry OS BlackBerry through the website in accordance with the type of your blackberry.
  3. Once in Download, install Blackberry OS to your computer, (exe files on os who downloaded). After that restart your computer
  4. Find files on drive C Vendor.xml => program files => common files => reserch in motion => app.loader then DELETE
  5. Blackberry handheld backup data to a computer using blackberry desktop manager application that you downloaded earlier.
  6. turn off the network and then dislodged memory card
  7. step number 7 this can be followed can not, this is intended only for the handheld is in trouble. but if you are not sure your handheld does not hurt if you follow it for your convenience as well. okay step 7 is WIPE HANDHELD how: on your blackberry go to Options menu => Security Options => General Settings => BB you push the menu button => wait until the wipe is complete.
  8. Open the desktop manager software and connect to your blackberry (with a usb cable)
  9. Desktop Manager will automatically detect and synchronize data to detect the latest blackberry os for the upgrade process. if not detected try restarting your computer first.
  10. if the os has been detected follow the instructions for the upgrade process.
  11. wait until the upgrade is completely finished and into the home scren, remember not to unplug the data cable or mainin if the upgrade process is not finished.
  12. if the process has been completed please return time settings, email account settings, wifi etc.


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