BlackBerry Sale May be Wrapped Up in November

BlackBerry‘s shares rose about 5 percent in trading yesterday. The increase came after the company showed a sign that it would seek a potential buyer. Blackberry has started to look for a prospective buyer and they wanted that things will be wrapped up in November. The auction was announced following the new Nokia deal last week. It will make Microsoft comes third in the list of the biggest Smartphone platforms, only under Android and IOS.

Blackberry Affected by the Nokia Deal1

Blackberry dominance

Blackberry ran the world of Smartphones, and now the company was forced to shed its dominance to other companies. Smartphone market is currently dominated by Samsung with its Galaxy series, followed by Apple with its iPhones. IDC analyzed that the shares of the BlackBerry’s operating system fell to 2.7 percent and estimated will continue to slump. The company announced the new strategy a month ago which was believed related to the poor sales of Blackberry 10 devices. Analyst Michael Walkley said that the Q10, Z10, and Q5 will continue to decline in sales.

Microsoft was one of few giants which had been rumored to be a potential buyer. However, with the Nokia deal, the company is now out of Blackberry’s sight. China’s Huawei recently confirmed that they also didn’t want to buy another phone maker to develop their market share. That means the chance that Blackberry will be acquired by the company is closed. Analysts currently predict the future of Blackberry which is now struggling to make decent sales.

Blackberry sale

Huawei allegedly wanted to buy Nokia after in June, Richard Yu said to the Financial Times newspaper that the company might consider to acquire companies like the Finnish group. Lifang Chen confirmed that the company had no intention to buy a phone maker. They may want to keep growing and innovating on their own. It was also reported that the company had already signed a deal with British company ARM processor design. The main goal of the deal is to let the company design their own microprocessor cores.

BlackBerry Sale May be Wrapped Up in November

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