Blackberry Affected by the Nokia Deal

Nokia just collapsed and the Smartphone giant is now taken over by Microsoft with a deal worth $ 7.2 billion. Nokia was once a big company that was growing steadily. However, lately Nokia failed to hold Apple and Samsung dominance. Smartphone market is currently very competitive. Nokia plans to focus on the navigation business, networking, and technology patents. Stephen Elop, who currently works as Nokia’s Canadian boss formerly was a business software division for Microsoft. In 2010, he moved to Nokia. He reportedly will replace Steve Ballmer as CEO of Microsoft. Microsoft is trying to remake the company into something like Apple or a gadget and services company. Elop said that this move he’ll take is the right choice.

Blackberry Affected by the Nokia Deal

Blackberry and Nokia

So, how does this acquisition affect Blackberry? This hugely affects Blackberry. With Microsoft paying USD $ 7.2-billion to buy Nokia, it means the rumors saying that the company would buy the Blackberry are not correct. It just does not make sense if Microsoft takes over two major companies at once. As we all know, Blackberry is now a struggling company whose share constantly keeps decreasing.

The company has reportedly wanted to seek a buyer since a long time ago. Currently Microsoft is in full force to manage their Windows Phone system. For years, Microsoft has been expected as a potential buyer because the company has an operating system that is quite popular. While it takes the lead in the operating system market, but the company has never been successful in creating their Smartphone products.

BlackBerry’s technology

People assumed that BlackBerry’s technology would do Microsoft any favor, especially in the enterprise sector. However, engineers from both companies said that cooperation between the two companies is probably quite challenging. BlackBerry’s hardware and software were developed at a time where there were less competition, meaning that both may not work well outside systems. That’s one of the reasons why the company took a long time to integrate from QNX into the BlackBerry OS.

Blackberry Affected by the Nokia Deal

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