Blackberry Plans to Develop New Apps

The underwhelming sales of the Blackberry 10 devices don’t discourage Blackberry to keep innovating with new apps. The Blackberry 10 platform reaps quite a lot of criticism since it was first released. One of the most prominent critics is the app lacks apps and the gap is big enough when it’s compared to the apps by Android and iOS. Blackberry is planning to seek solutions to this problem. Currently the company is working with application developers to make some new apps that are more interactive. The company has confirmed the rumors and stated that some apps are on the way to complete its 70,000 apps.

Blackberry apps

Blackberry apps is one of the developers that takes part in this project. has created some notable apps. One of the apps allows Office 365 to work in conjunction with the BlackBerry 10 devices. The analyst firm Gartner said that Smartphones are an important element in the mobile phone market. He said that the success of Samsung and Apple are very influenced by their brands as well as the quality of their products. Other rivals, even though trying so hard, still can’t achieve what both companies have achieved.

Blackberry brand

Brand appreciation plays an important role here. However, there are still some consumers who prefer to look for cheap products rather than brands. Blackberry still has much work to step up its game especially in the operating system and the number of apps. Only recently we heard the news that Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS surpassed Blackberry. It had to be disappointing news for the company. However, that makes sense for a company that the share continues to decline. That was probably the biggest wake up call for the company to start making changes. KLM airline launched a travel app on the BB 10, allowing users to find out any information about travel. Even though travel apps are not rare at all, but this is a sign that the company is committed to expand the platform.

That’s what you need to know about Blackberry apps.

Blackberry Plans to Develop New Apps

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