Du Launches new BlackBerry 9720 in UAE

Ever since the beginning of the year BlackBerry has developed several new Smartphones running the BlackBerry 10 OS. Unfortunately, not all handsets will be supported by the new OS. The BlackBerry 9720 for instance, will not get the new OS, but back to the older version the BlackBerry 7.1 OS. The rumors about the BlackBerry 9720 have been circulating for a long time. This is the first Smartphone from Blackberry which doesn’t come with the new OS. It’s set to release later this year.

the BlackBerry 9720

the BlackBerry 9720 features

While the new OS has got people excited with its powerful features, the BB OS 7 is not inferior. It has comprehensive multimedia features, way better than before. This new phone also comes with its traits, a QWERTY keyboard. BlackBerry had done quite a lot of efforts to compete with iOS and Android which were gaining popularity substantially. However, the company failed big time and ever since the condition has never really got better.

It also marked the company’s name change. The promotion for the new device has started, and the UK retailers already confirmed that they were ready to market the new product. The Smartphone will probably hit the market with an affordable price. We all know that all OS 10-powered devices released recently are still quite expensive for the majority of users. This Smartphone has a 2.8inch display with 480 x 360 pixels of resolution. The density is also not bad, like 214 ppi.

the BlackBerry 9720 specs

Blackberry phones with a QWERTY keyboard are a breath of fresh air these days. More models come with touchscreen functionality. You may miss the old design. Get rid of all your doubt because this traditional feature can still be found on the BlackBerry 9720. The internal memory of this device is quite small, only 512MB. However, that may not sound a little if you don’t like keeping apps in your Smartphone. The rear camera has a resolution of 5MP, is enough to produce quality photos.

Du Launches new BlackBerry 9720 in UAE

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