Blackberry is Up for Sale, Who's Gonna Own It?

It’s been a year since the rumors that Blackberry was looking for “strategic alternatives” surfaced. The company recently re-confirmed the issue. Last week Blackberry announced that they were preparing a special committee to handle this plan. In this condition, it’s clear that BlackBerry needs a new “sugar daddy”. What matters is who’s willing to take over the company that is currently struggling.

Blackberry is Up for Sale

Blackberry’s assets

The company currently still has some valuable assets. However, since the company is declining constantly, it will indirectly reduce the overall value. A video leaked over the internet. In the video, we can see telecom analyst Andrew Tonner explains quite much about potential suitors for the company. He also discusses various possibilities on the best option for the company. While BlackBerry is experiencing hard times, sadly the mobile development is still minimal. However, if there are many companies handle this, profits may still be achieved.

Only recently, The Motley Fool released a report entitled, “The Next Trillion-Dollar Revolution”. On the report, he revealed how the shift would make the Company at the Forefront of the trend. It’s never been good for Blackberry ever since the launch of BB10 operating system. Things are going not as planned. BlackBerry’s decline is quite influenced by the delay of BB 10 release. The operating system was introduced on January. Some BB10 devices were released to the market shortly after the announcement.

Blackberry’s competitors

It was a little too late as Apple is coming for its sixth generation of iOS and Android is coming for its fourth generation. If only the BB10 was released a year earlier, the company is probably in the better condition now. Sure, it’s understandable that developing an operating system is not easy. Back in 2007, Had Lazaridis and Balsillie said they had a project coming up in 2010. That alone could’ve helped the company right now. Instead of creating a new operating system, they decided to release 2 more updates for the previous platform. While the updates were quite substantial over the previous versions, they were no match for iOS and Android. That’s the latest update about Blackberry.

Blackberry is Up for Sale, Who's Gonna Own It?

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