Leaked Press Render of Blackberry 9720 Samoa

Blackberry may look lethargic lately, but that doesn’t prevent the company from offering new things to consumers. It was said that Blackberry will soon launch a Smartphone with Blackberry OS7 running inside. The photo of the new device recently leaked. The new series will be called the Blackberry 9720 Samoa. Are you interested to have it? In terms of design, there’s no significant difference between this handset with the previous releases. However, it still looks fashionable and attractive.

Blackberry 9720 Samoa’s rumored specs

Blackberry 9720 Samoa

Here you can see the rendered image. This is not the official picture of the new Blackberry. The new handset that’s supposed to be called Samoa was leaked by @ evleaks. From the pic, you can see the phone features a special BBM button. You also get to see a cool track pad. Do you wonder about the specs? We will always be curious about the specs of a phone even before it’s leaked. The Smartphone is expected to feature a 1450 mAh battery. This capacity is not too big and pretty standard compared to other phones.

Blackberry 9720 Samoa features

In terms of display, the new handset is rumored to utilize 480 x 360 pixels resolution. Another Blackberry distinctive feature is a QWERTY keyboard. That was some rumored specs on this device. We are yet to know more about the specs, but hopefully the specs will be pretty solid and suits the price. Rumor has it that Blackberry 9720 Samoa will be released before the end of 2013. Now public seem to focus more on the A10. Many fans can’t wait to order this new handset. So, what do you think about the recent releases by Blackberry? Do those devices really meet your expectations?

If the company wants to win the competition, The Canadian manufacturer needs to step up their game. This is not the right time to release mediocre phones. There are too many powerful handsets out there coming with low price tags. Even low-end Smartphones today have full and diverse features. Whether Blackberry 9720 Samoa will be able to attract more customers or not really depends on the final results. If the Smartphone comes across as a solid product, then the general public will probably show their interests again in Blackberry handsets. If you are a loyal fan of Blackberry, we hope that the new product will satisfy you. Recently some new Blackberry handsets were also announced. You may be confused to choose one that suits you best. No matter which phone that you buy, make sure you understand the full specifications. You should read the reviews before deciding to buy any Smartphone.

That’s all about Blackberry 9720 Samoa.

Leaked Press Render of Blackberry 9720 Samoa

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