BlackBerry Considering Spinoff of Messaging Service

The Wall Street Journal reported Blackberry is planning to spin off its messaging service. The subsidiary by the company will be referred to as BBM Inc. To date, the company has not been able to confirm the truth of the issue. The two sources who spread this rumor did not want to reveal their identities because they were not authorized to explain this issue further.

BlackBerry Considering Spinoff of Messaging Service

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They told Reuters that the company has just moved their internal resources. Along with that, the personnel were also relocated. This step was taken so that the company can focus on the BBM service. Before other messaging apps popping up, Blackberry had already come with its BBM. It was popular as BlackBerry’s killer app. BBM allows users to send messages to other users without needing them to pay. However, the feature has many competitors and it’s hard for the company to compete with other platforms.

While the rumor is circulating, until now we haven’t heard of any plan that the company will soon spin off the unit. However, one of the sources revealed that BBM is coming to Andoid and Apple devices in the near future. As of now, the messaging service has been used by 60 million members. They send billions of messages every day. Blackberry is still trying to increase the value of this service, even though they know that the company is in bad shape right now.

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There are some additional features that can be obtained from these devices such as video calls via Wi-Fi and sync with other devices. The company also confirmed their BBM channels. These special channels allow advertisers to promote their services. Another plan coming up for BBM is integration with desktop computers. Previously the company reportedly wanted to seek beneficial options, including an outright sale. The move was taken following the decrease in shares. BlackBerry’s shares fell 3 per cent on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Frequent losses have been experienced in the last quarters. So far, the shares dropped significantly amounting to 7% so far this year.

That’s the news about the Spinoff of Blackberry Messaging Service.

BlackBerry Considering Spinoff of Messaging Service

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