Common BlackBerry Q10 Problems

The BlackBerry Q10 is one of the recent releases by Blackberry. This is a solid Smartphone with a typical QWERTY keyboard. While this Smartphone is quite powerful, there are some issues that need serious attention.

BlackBerry Q10 Problems

BlackBerry Q10 problems: overheating

The first problem is overheating. Since more power is packed in Smartphones these days, problems like overheating are inevitable. Many users have reported that they were quite disturbed by this issue. To get rid of this problem, you should reduce the use of your phone. If you run multiple tasks for long time, this could be the main cause of the problem. You can also turn the phone off once in a while and remove the battery to accelerate the cooling process. This issue doesn’t just show up without any underlying causes. Maybe there are specific apps that make your Smartphone overheat too fast.

Overheating should not last a long time. If you find the problem persist even though you do not use the phone excessively, then you need to call your carrier for a repair or replacement. Another common BlackBerry Q10 problem is its poor battery life. This problem occurs in almost all Smartphones, not just Blackberry. There are a few things you can do to save power consumption, such as turning off some key features when not in use, such as NFC, data, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth.

BlackBerry Q10 problems: battery drains fast

If you always use email to communicate, it’s better to sync the mail less frequently. This will make a difference, especially if you always use this feature. Another solution is to reduce the screen brightness. Many people prefer to increase brightness to the max so they could see everything clearly. However, this is very draining power and reduces its life span. You can also set the background to black because it tends to use less power. Other settings that need to be adjusted are volume and vibration. If the battery drains so fast, it can also be caused by heavy apps. Make sure that all your apps have been updated to the newest versions. Well, that was some common BlackBerry Q10 problems.

Common BlackBerry Q10 Problems

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