BlackBerry Cuts Another 100 Jobs in Waterloo

It’s so unfortunate for Blackberry because the company has laid off 100 more employees at the hub in Waterloo. It was not so long ago that the company did the same to 250 workers. The company is currently in transition and this is the second phase of the plan of transformation. The reduction of workers was part of the plan. According to the company, this was a step forward as the company considering opportunities related to mobile computing.

BlackBerry Cuts Another 100 Jobs in Waterloo

Blackberry’s strategic plan

Blackberry doesn’t deny that this strategic plan is a mark of the company’s evolution. Currently the company keeps going with all of its assets. While trimming the workforce may be perceived negatively by some people, but they said that it was realistic and a necessary decision under such conditions. Being transparent as possible was a good move for Blackberry as the company’s still looking for opportunities to evolve. BlackBerry shares were down 1.83% after markets opened. While the cuts were already confirmed, it was not so clear which division would be impacted.

The latest layoffs were an attempt for the company to restructure. Ever since 2011, 7,000 workers have been laid off. That may not be what the company wanted to be. The dwindling sales are one of the underlying causes. Furthermore, the company must also compete with fierce rivals such as Samsung and Apple. Recently, we also heard that Blackberry‘s CORE program was ready to cut in costs. The program that stands for cost optimization and resource efficiency was implemented by Thorsten Hein. This news comes nearly a week after the company announced their strategic alternatives.

Blackberry’s market share

It was reportedly that the company might go private and was looking for a potential buyer. Blackberry fell behind rival Windows for the first time in years. Windows mobile device operating system currently has a better market share than the Blackberry’s. That happened shortly after the company announced for seeking alternatives for fixing the situation. Can Blackberry turn the table with its alternative strategy? Only time will tell.

BlackBerry Cuts Another 100 Jobs in Waterloo

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