Can New Plans Revive Blackberry?

With the disappointing sales figures, it seems so hard for Blackberry to get back to the top. Does the company still have a chance to hold on? Looking at some of reinvention that is currently being pursued by the company, the opportunity is wide open. Blackberry is considering more than one option, one of which is the company wants to expand to other systems. Currently the company is put up for sale and they are looking for a prospective buyer who might be interested in the their assets.

Blackberry new plans

Can New Plans Revive Blackberry

Although the Blackberry used to be one of the leading companies in the Smartphone market, its popularity has declined so far compared to 3 or 4 years ago. Being in the crisis makes it difficult for the company to get a buyer. Analysts are still wondering whether the company can be resurrected by outside investment or they will face the opposite condition. Substantial changes are necessary to restore consumer confidence in one of the prestigious Smartphone brands.

One of the plans is to change the paradigm of what the main goal of the company and what they stand for. In this condition, it’s hard for Blackberry to still play a role as a big player in the industry. Instead, the company is currently trying to find a new way remarket itself by targeting certain consumers. Changes in strategy are absolutely needed. At the same time, they also can’t alienate their loyal consumers. As we all know, one of the company’s biggest assets, the BlackBerry Messenger Service or BB is still alive.

Blackberry Messenger Service

Although there are many similar apps popping up today, but it will still be the hallmark of the company. To reach more users, Blackberry is trying to bring the service to two leading platforms, iOS and Android. If the app can compete with Whatsapp which keeps gaining popularity, Blackberry will probably gain a strong foothold in apps industry again. Although the number of Android and iPhone users is increasing time after time, but Blackberry still holds a steady grip with its 70 well users.

Can New Plans Revive Blackberry?

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