BlackBerry 9720 Launched in India, Priced at Rs 15990

Blackberry just released a new Smartphone in India. The Blackberry 9720 is sold at a price of Rs 15.990. There are several key features of this device, one of which is a spacious keyboard. With this handset, typing feels very comfortable. In addition, it also has a 2.8 inch screen, large enough to see the text on the screen. For navigation, the device comes with a trackpad. Such arrangement is often found in the previous Blackberry Smartphones.

The Blackberry 9720 OS

Although there are several new features in this device, but it still runs the old Blackberry 7.1 OS. Running an old OS series doesn’t necessarily make this Smartphone less impressive in terms of performance. In fact, the OS comes with an updated interface. It allows you to lock the phone with a swipe or easily access the camera through the lock screen. You can also find several enhancements that make the Smartphone feel more powerful.

Having some good features, the Smartphone is wrapped in vibrant colors. You will also have access to various social apps. Sunil Lalvani said that the Blackberry 9720 was made following the success of the BB 7 OS. This Smartphone is the right choice for those who live in urban areas. There is no denying that the modern lifestyle demands Smartphone makers to innovate and create new ideas. If you are looking for an upgraded version of the Blackberry Curve, this might be the right choice. For some reasons, both Smartphones share some similarities.

The Blackberry 9720 features

This Smartphone is also ideal for those who want a device that is easy to use and affordable. The medium price tag makes this Smartphone worth having. Not to mention that the Smartphone comes with rich messaging and connectivity features. For your information, the Blackberry 9720 also features a dedicated BBM and BBM Voice. If you are anticipating this one, then you must be happy because the latest version is coming with this feature. You will be able to download in on the Blackberry Store soon. Another feature that might make you interested is the BlackBerry Balance technology.

BlackBerry 9720 Launched in India, Priced at Rs 15990

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