Cheap AppsLock for Blackberry 10

Here’s AppsLock for Blackberry 10. Many people interested to have Smartphone lately. Having a Smartphone requires us to be smarter than before as well. There are things that we need to understand quickly in order to be able to use our new Smartphone rightly. Well, one of popular and most-wanted Smartphone that people like lately is Blackberry 10. Just like the other Smartphone, you need to know some features and applications available to use your new Smartphone. One of most important application that you should have on your Smartphone is AppsLock. AppsLock for Blackberry 10 is vital because this application keeps your Blackberry 10 application secure.

AppsLock for Blackberry 10

AppsLock benefits

You do not want people are getting to your stuffs and you want to protect it. It is why you need a smart lock application that will free you from worries. We all know that Blackberry is all about security. Most of Blackberry users usually ask about how to keep specific applications secures. Well, Blackberry has no AppLock for it at the first time you bought it. You need to buy additional AppLock to secure specific applications on your BB 10. You can buy AppLock with cheap price only $2.99. This application will help you to lock down emails, sms, third party apps and more easily. There is no need to lock the entire device to lock specific application.

AppsLock functions

This AppLock will save your time and give you peace of mind. The other benefit you can gain from this AppLock is you can select applications that you want to protect. There is no worry about other people who wants to knowing secret on your Blackberry. The other advantage that you can have after installing this application is you can lock folders on your SD card. AppLock comes with an auto-lock. Therefore, it will give you peace of mind knowing your stuffs are secure. Interested? Download now! That’s all about AppsLock for Blackberry 10.

Cheap AppsLock for Blackberry 10

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